World Ball, Mountain Tops & Christmas Bells


In October I was asked to work with Twittertap again but this time not only to record but to help write text for the video voice over on their website home page . It was great working with them and recording in my home studio. Click here and scroll down to the video “wat is het “ ? and “hoe werkt het “. See the colorful world ball inquiries while I explain how it works.

If you read my previous blog you will already know that my mother passed away in August. I had planned a trip to Africa in November to climb Kilimanjaro and do a safari and had debated if I should go through with it. We had been training since January. It helped me to focus on something positive while going through the grieving process.

I am so glad we did this journey for so many reasons.


So, in November was the big climb with my love plus 7 others in our group (age range from mid 20’s-late 40’s).

Some were friends of his already and others were partners and friends of theirs. Lovely people. We travelled with @ShapShapTravel. Everything there was arranged for us (food, lodging and travel in Africa). We had a wonderful team of 26 porters and 3 guides from the Kilimanjaro experience working in tandem with ShapShap. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I wrote a separate longer blog to be posted following this one for those curious about my journey. You can also visit my instagram @marnie.baumer and see some of the vlogs. But for now here are a few photos.

A week after we returned from Africa I turned 50 and we celebrated this with a fun music filled evening at Emile van Leenen Pianos surrounded by friends and my Dutch family.


In December I was invited by Marching Band Management to sing musical numbers in the X-mas Tattoo in Leiden along with the wonderful Ukrainian opera singer Nataliia Chioban. It was a beautiful cold wintery evening in the open air. My daughter got to be on stage with me as one of the dickens like characters. It was very special. Nataliia and I were also invited to perform by the Nederland Veterans Institute with the Band of Liberation for the annual Christmas Concert for Veterans.

Next to performing I am a freelance teacher, giving individual and groups lessons in drama and voice at various locations. I’d like to thank all my clients and schools for entrusting me and wish you all Happy Holidays and New Year with this song. Thank you!

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