Summer has the longest days!

And that’s a good thing because I was BUSY like a bee!  Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz from here to there!

This summer I recorded  two voice overs (Nederlandse Filmacedemie, Ultra Urban Festival), acted in a film for Bas van Teylingen’s YouTube channel, and then I travelled on a tour bus with the K&G3 orchestra where we performed in the Twin City 70th Anniversary Concert at the beautiful Town Hall in Oxford, England.  The audiences in England were amazing and appreciative.

The ALL commercial I did is still airing frequently throughout the United States and Puerto Rico on prime time TV shows.

One more piece of “buzzing” news… I have started writing my one woman comedy show with co-writer and director, all around talented and funny guy, Michael Diedrich!  More news on that soon to come…

See you ’round!


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