Short Film, Friendship, Mother & Daughter!

This past weekend, I flew to Italy to play the role of Lady in the short film CONFESSION written and directed by the up and coming Giacomo Gili.   The story follows two very different women:  The nun, played by the incredible Bethan Cullinane, and the prostitute, played by myself.  They meet through unexpected circumstance and an intimate emotional bond is built between them, thus bringing them closer together and helping them both.

Everything about this weekend was amazing;  the talent, the company, the food, the wine, etc.  I have no doubt that it will be a beautiful piece of acting and cinematography combined.

Marnie Baumer with writer & director Giacomo Gili and actress Bethan Cullinane on the set of CONFESSION.

The Dutch children television series PUPPY PATROL 2 produced by KRO NCRV and Annemarie Mooren Productions, started the year off great with the first 6 episodes!  I will be appearing in Episode 7,on NP03  in the fall for those of you who were wondering where number 7 was.    I play the guest role of Patty:  an uptight, goal oriented mother who learns her lesson and makes amends.

Marnie Baumer as Patty & Mieke as Danny on Puppy Patrol 2 (episode 7).  

At the end of February,  I had the extreme pleasure of working for the first time with my real life daughter at  SYNC Studios in Amsterdam dubbing American voices for a television series.  She did great and we had so much fun!

See you ’round!


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