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Dear Reader,

Hello!   Oh, What a joy it is to sing with the K&G3 orchestra conducted by René Leckie.  In February we performed at the 70th Birthday celebration of Ruud Breedveld at the historical Hooglandse kerk in Leiden.  What a party:  with 450 guests,  two orchestras, a band and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator!

Saturday March 9, 2019,  I will be joining the K&G3 for the K&G club 90th year anniversary concert.  That’s a long time and a very good reason to celebrate.  K&G is an all male organization and on this evening there will be four orchestras performing consisting of about 150 boys & men and myself.  Just saying: it’s yet another reason to celebrate! I feel like a pioneer.

Speaking of pioneers; my agents at Keddie Scott Associates called last week and I was off to  London doing a voice over for the BBC as the world famous female pilot, pioneer and adventurer, Amelia Earhart.   I was lucky enough to bring my little girl with me as she was on vacation from school.  We went and did some exploring ourselves in the city of London and visited KSA for a cup of tea finalizing my new acting reel.

See you ’round!


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