Reviews - United States

“Her singing was excellent and I felt she did an exemplary job interpreting my songs.”
– Stephen Schwartz  composer/lyricist

“A Star! Her choices are flawless! Baumer draws upon a well of musical colors every bit as rich as an animator’s inkwell!”

“Cute, delightfully offbeat & unusually wacky.. Baumer has such an innocent charm that she can get away with just about anything. In a word, she’s fun!”

“Always a gutsy actress”
– Backstage Magazine

“Baumer leading the way while providing some genuine musical thrills”

“Charming and winning.. sings with verve that you’d expect from this tough young woman…an important part of the musical’s success”

“A full fledged artist… with a whimsical elan displaying an exceptional acting talent!”
– Backstage Magazine

“Resilient & fragile at the same time. The sound, the personality are instantly infectious”
– Village Voice

“Unrepressed delight and VERY likable!”
– Chicago Tribune

“Crystal clear vocals… and very charming. Ms. Baumer is a delight!”
– Cabaret Hotline Online

“Marnie Baumer paints with all the colors of the wind “
– Time Out Magazine

“Marnie Baumer shines!”

“Marnie Baumer is talented, audacious, and gifted…and with those assets she’s quite entertaining!”
– Gary Stevens / Syndicated Columnist

“A genuinely organic performance…”

“Great voice, great comedic sense, great future!”
– Cabaret Scenes

“Outstanding! This girl takes a backseat to nobody!”
– Applause! Applause!

“Just plain down-and-out funny!”
– Theatre Reviews Limited

“Perhaps most fresh and inventive of all is a song that was written for Baumer, called “Sixteen Bars.” Crafted as an audition number about auditioning, it’s very smart, and the adorable Baumer – will surely win parts by singing it.”

“Marnie Baumer–left the stage to thunderous, much-deserved applause”

“Vixenish Baumer’s performance was not unlike a three-alarm-blaze”
-Texas Guinen blog

Reviews - United Kingdom

“Marnie Baumer has a terrific singing voice and is clearly a musical theatre pro”
– The Scotsman

“The cast is ably led by Marnie Baumer.”
– Edinburgh Guide

“A performance to treasure!”

“Brilliant! Will have you rolling in the isles and begging for more!”
– Musical Theatre Matters

” Played to perfection… full of rich character and impeccable comic timing”
– Theatre In Wales

“Marnie Baumer, steals the show!”

“A standout! Wonderful!”
– The Bournmouth Echo

“Perky, vibrant, colourful “
– The Oxford Times

“Giggly American Diva, Marnie Baumer, runs the show”
-The Stage

“Colourful, talented and played with glee”
-The Post

“A sparkling performance!”
– The Essex Enquirer

“Perfection! Top notch!”
– The Recorder

Reviews - The Netherlands

“Beautifully sung and acted! “

“Star of the evening… vocally outstanding. Her big numbers hit the public right straight in the heart, especially through her vocal quality.”