Organic, Revitalize & Delight!

2016 was a fearless and flying year complete with:  Big Screens, Big Band, Commercials (TV & Voice Over) and a list of lessons and experiences  I can use to navigate in 2017 and beyond.  I am so grateful.

The transition between 2016 and 2017 was a quiet one offering time for stillness, relaxation,   and reflection.   It gave me insight to what I truly value and enjoy doing and how to communicate with a clearer voice.

During this time I was hired to record a voice over for Thayers Natural Remedies.
I recorded it in my home studio in the middle and stillness of the night.  The whole process was relaxed from the very beginning.  The job came in an unexpected way from an unexpected source and was completed efficiently and in a timely manner.  A super project for a super product.  While recording I spoke the following words:  Organic, Revitalize and Delight.  A powerful combination of words.

May we find the balance in our lives while doing what we love with the people we love in a way we love.  In a genuinely organic and true way, feeling revitalized and experience pure delight!  Happy 2017!

See you ’round!

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