I've been seeing red!

And that’s a good thing because it’s been said that red means energy, passion, action, strength and excitement.

The past few weeks provided all of the above!  Beginning with the Nederlands Film Festival red carpet world premiere of the film ALBERTA, in which I play a supporting role.  It was a fantastic night, the audience loved it and De Groene Amsterdammer wrote in it’s review, “Het is een film die we nodig hebben”!  (It is a film that we need) and they called me a “heerlijke huisvrouw-echtgenoot” (delightful housewife-partner).  I’ll take it!

Me and my real life hubby, Jeff van Eek, on the red carpet.

Producers, Creative Team, Cast and Crew of ALBERTA on stage at the Nederlands Film Festival.

Next up was the Taptoe event where I sang with the K&G3 Orchestra in celebration of Leiden’s Ontzet.  Leiden celebrates it’s freedom from the 80 years’ war with Spain and the city “paints the town red” literally.  Jochem Myjer and the mini-koraal singers, popped by during our set to sing his song “La La La Leiden”.   Fantastic!

An under the umbrella backstage selfie with Jochem Myjer

October 30, 2016 brings another red carpet world premiere at the Leiden International Film Festival. This time it’s for the film “Goeie Mie: Recomposed” and it is directed by Henny Hartevelt, starring Anja Becker.  It’s a spooky movie about a real life serial murder that once lived in Leiden where she poisoned her family and neighbors. The film is very special because the cast (including myself) and crew all come from the neighborhoods tussen de Rijnen (Pancras-Oost,Havenwijk-Noord and de Havenwijk-Zuid) where Goeie Mie and her victims lived.  100 people from these neighborhoods participated in the making of this film.  The premiere which takes place at the Trianon Theatre, Leiden is already sold out!  You can find information to purchase tickets for the other dates and times during the festival here.

Cast and crew friends from GOEIE MIE RECOMPOSED showing their support for ALBERTA.

See you ’round!

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