Connection, Cognition and Creative Permission!

This last month has been about connection, cognition and creative permission!

  I went to see my friend and opera diva, Leah Crocetto, sing in Verdi’s Requiem at the Amsterdam Concert Gebouw. We performed previously together in a duet concert at Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall in New York City and it was such a gift to spend time with her, connect and hear her sing live again!

I sat in on her rehearsal as the next night I was singing in the Taptoe voor KIKA fundraiser with the Band of Liberation where we, along with other bands, raised over  6,000 EUR for cancer research for children with cancer.

Marnie Baumer singing with The Band of Liberation and Pipes, led by Simon Dubbelaar, at the Taptoe voor Kika 2018. 

Currently there is a documentary about the The Band Of Liberation and Pipes being made by Wouter Tenger-Geurtz, which will air 4 & 5 May, 2018 on TV, omroep as two  documentaries.   It was an honour being included in the interviews!

John Foran, Marnie Baumer and Claudi Bockting filming at AMC

At the end of January, I had an insightful experience acting in a training film for Preventative Cognitive Therapy at the Academisch Medisch Centrum | Universiteit van Amsterdam.

This therapy is designed to help recovered depression patients recognize the signs of a possible relapse and gives them the skills to acknowledge them, to prevent reoccurrence and to dream!

It reminded me to do some dreaming of my own and so I joined an online Artist Mastermind Group led by my friend, the fiery actress, producer and career coach, Jodie Bentley. I am giving myself permission to be creative with much love and abundance in my life.

Here is to abundance and loving what you do, who you are, and those in your life!

See you ‘round!


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