The past few months have been filled with many personal and professional changes. And the world we all know has changed as well. Keep an eye on this space – I’ll be back soon with details.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy this video of me singing a duet this past weekend with the fabulous Gerlinde Vliegenhart.

You Raise Me Up: Gerlinde Vliegenthart, Marnie Baumer van Eek with Cees Wassenaar playing piano. We sang for the online Pinksterdag Service today led by Dominee Karel Koekkoek at the Open Hof Kerk in Katwijk. This marks the first official performance from Gerlinde since she has been in remission from her breast cancer. Her body is healthy enough to sing again and boy oh boy can she sing. Almost one year later since we performed together on the Rapenburg at Het LeidsGrachtenconcert led by Guido Marchena en Sempre Crescendo Orchestra. I’m so proud of her. What a year it’s been for us both personally and we both have a deep gratitude that we may sing together in such a way. In a time with so many uncertainties, where lives are lost and pulled apart through difference, pandemic illness, fear and unfairness we all get to raise each other up. #youraisemeup #music #love #alllivesmatter

Posted by Marnie Baumer van Eek on Sunday, May 31, 2020

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