Connection, Cognition and Creative Permission!

  This last month has been about connection, cognition and creative permission!  I went to see my friend and opera diva, Leah Crocetto, sing in Verdi’s Requiem at the Amsterdam Concert Gebouw. We performed previously together in a duet concert at Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall in New York City and it was such a gift to spend time with her, connect and hear her sing live again!I sat in on her rehearsal as the next night I was singing in the Taptoe voor KIKA fundraiser with the ...

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Do, Give and Experience!

New Year’s started out with a BANG! To be honest, the fireworks in Leiden are a bit scary and exciting at the same time. Despite the scary part, I found myself stepping outside at midnight with my family, friends and neighbours gathering at the bridge, wishing each other Happy New Year and witnessing together the cacophony of sounds, vibrations and colourful lights all around us.

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Yes, Faith, Luck & Gratitude!

It's been an interesting year filled with ups and downs, reflection, adventure, travel, "un"expectations, faith, luck and gratitude! We never know where our next gig or adventure is coming from and while we work towards our goals sometimes it feels like no one is saying yes to us.   But what we really need to be doing is saying "yes" to ourselves.   "Yes", to challenging opportunities where we will grow as individuals and artists.

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Rhythm, Stillness & Momentum!

On the 19th of August,  I will be a guest soloist with the Band of Liberation, conducted by Simon Dubbelaar, at the Belgium International Tattoo Memorial, The long road to Passchendaele.  Last month,   I sang with the band for a Veterans concert in Gouda, alongside my friend and talented mezzo soprano, Emma Brown.  It was a wonderful experience and a sun shiny day.

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My Heart Will Go On….

 I've been invited to sing the song MY HEART WILL GO ON with The Band of Liberation in Gouda, NL for a Veterans day concert on 10 June.   The band is led by Simon Dubbelaar and I will be a featured soloist alongside the talented soloist, Emma Brown.  I am really looking forward to working with them for the first time!

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Blastoff: Opening Alberta, IMDB & Launch Fan Page!

Blastoff!  The movie ALBERTA in which I play a delightful 'lil role is opening in movie theaters throughout the Netherlands starting March 9, 2017, my IMDB has new updates, and the new Marnie Baumer FaceBook fan page has been launched! ALBERTA is written and directed by Eddy Terstall & Erik Wünsch, produced by FuWorks and One Big Agency. Freek (Daniël Boissevain) is a successful marketing executive with a beautiful wife Iris (Eva Duijvestein).

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Organic, Revitalize & Delight!

2016 was a fearless and flying year complete with:  Big Screens, Big Band, Commercials (TV & Voice Over) and a list of lessons and experiences  I can use to navigate in 2017 and beyond.  I am so grateful.  The transition between 2016 and 2017 was a quiet one offering time for stillness, relaxation,   and reflection.

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