Bravery, Booth & Book

What does bravery look like to you?   Earlier this year I wrote down that I was going to get new headshots, build my home studio and make the leap to record audiobooks.   Well, it all happened at the same time, which I thought was a little brave to embark upon, and then I read the book  “The Best Girl”  by Joan Hicks Boone which is a true example of bravery. Young Joanie had to be brave  in situations no child should ever witness or go through.  Bravery comes in many forms, from small steps  to incredibly courageous ones.

In April, I headed to London’s West End to get my new headshots done by Darren Bell Photography.  It was such a great, relaxed photo shoot and I got to explore with different types and looks. Which was super fun! (see photos above) 

Around the same time, Author, Joan Hicks Boone, found my profile on ACX and invited me to audition to record the audio version of her book. I did.

I am incredibly honored to narrate “The Best Girl”  told through the voice of young Joanie and later Joan as she navigates the troubled waters of her homelife. It is complete and was released yesterday on  Here is a video promoting the book on my very first ever  Facebook live!  (video turns the correct way at about one minute)

The Best Girl is a story of resilience and survival and, as the book concludes, readers are left with feelings of possibility and hope”-


My husband, Jeff van Eek, for building my booth
My friend Jodie Bentley
David H. Lawrence XVII at vo2gogo 
Joan Hicks Boone, Author,  for your bravery and choosing me for my first audiobook


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