Accelerated and flying like a Wild Eagle!

2015 was accelerated and amazing. It included filming a TV series pilot, recording a voice over for a Dutch TV show, acting in a national commercial, writing and performing in a web series, singing gigs with the orchestra, plus acting in my first movie. Very exciting stuff !

To top it all off I got to spend some well-needed time with our family in America for Christmas and New Years. Three weeks flew by! Speaking of flying… While there, I got to ride the WILD EAGLE roller-coaster at Dollywood in Tennessee.

The initial drop was terrifying (210 feet, face first and feet swinging behind). After that, I thought, “I got this”. It felt like I was flying.  What a way to start the New Year: Face my fears, take the plunge, and fly like an eagle!

Wishing you all a fearless flying 2016,


Absolute fear:  Victoria Alphen and Marnie Baumer

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