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  • Light, Dark & Charity

    It's hard to believe we are at the end of 2018 already!  It's been a year of change for me with lots of personal and professional growth, finding a balance between family and career while keeping true to my values.   Highlights from this year include spending quality time with my family and friends, participating in The Artist Mastermind Group, recording an audiobook, a voice over gig with my little one, singing in various musical performances, filming a TV show, a short film a...  Read More >

  • International and at home

    It's a small world after all... I bought a world atlas book for my daughter recently on her fourth Birthday.   It's meant for her age group but I find it pretty darned cool and truly enjoy sharing adventures of world travel and the idea of future adventures as well.   Read More >

  • It's a Wrap & Upcoming Gigs!

    I am pleased as punch to have been cast as Mary Jo in the new Eddy Terstall and Erik Wünsch film, ALBERTA produced by FU Works and One Big Agency.  We filmed in the beautiful Ardennes in Belgium end September.  Filming is now officially finished and we recently celebrated in Amsterdam at the wrap party!  Marnie Baumer, Lee Ross,  Eddie Terstall,  Erik Wünsch, Cherise Silvestri and Chip Bray at the wrap party. I am also very excited to announce th...  Read More >

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